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It is with a heavy heart , the time has come for Eternal Voyager to part ways with drummer Mike Durenberger.


He has been a brother in arms, and has brought a lot to the table for this band. He truly helped take us to the next level, and gave us his best and his full heart while in the band. He will be missed and we wish him well on his journey, and fully respect and support his decision to take the necessary action for him and his life. He is not gone forever, he will be apart of Eternal Voyager activities and is of course immortalized on our fourth coming album! Metal on, our brother!


Mike will be replaced by drummer Mark Deebach, who is currently doing live shows with us and will be added as a full member of the band. We will officially announce him soon with full bio and pic, so you all can see the new man behind the skins. We believe it will be a great new chapter in Eternal Voyager history so stay tuned!


Mike's statement below:


To our metal friends, I’m writing to let you all know that for health reasons I must leave Eternal Voyager. It is unfortunate, but necessary.


When I began as drummer for the group in January, 2015, I was very excited as I had not played the power metal style. I was rock drummer. But after listening to the group’s debut album, I was driven to learn this genre, including its signature bass drum technique: the double bass beat.


During my time with the band, I not only learned that technique, but found a strong and passionate bond within the genre, met some incredibly talented people, and I'm pretty sure I ground some people’s faces off!


The time I spent creating drum parts and performing EV music is something I will cherish the rest of my life! Thank you so much to all who support metal, and especially Eternal Voyager!

You just might spot me at EV events!




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Oct 20th at MN Music Cafe

Mike Durenberger, Jeff Igelsrud, Brian Blake, Micah Devereaux, Kurt Johnson