Response Bio

Where do you hail from?

Bloomington, MN


What brought you all together to be Eternal Voyager?

Founding member Brian Blake started writing EV music in 1998. EV wasn’t a band until 2005 when Blake found a drummer and bass player while living in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. There were a few line up changes through the years but Blake stayed on task and recorded the first album, Battle of Eternity, which came out in November of 2014. Currently we have what we consider to be the band’s best lineup comprised of the most professional, powerful, and dedicated musicians the band has ever seen.


How did you come up with your band name?

We created the name Eternal Voyager in 2004. A band’s name must represent their music and who they are.  For us it means the eternal voyage of the heavy metal genre and our music. Eternal meaning always moving forward; never quitting. Voyager is the journey, staying true to who you are, your heart, your music and your fan base.


How would you describe the music you play, what genre do you most identify with, and what bands do you most relate to musically?

We are a Heavy Power Metal band. The influences within this band are spread out across the board from very mellow music to very heavy. Brian Blake, the main songwriter, is influenced by Iced Earth, Hammerfall, Iron Maiden, DIO, and Judas Priest to name a few. The framework of Eternal Voyager emanates from Blake's influences. Mike, on drums, is influenced by Neil Pert (Rush), Danny Carey (Tool), John Bonham (Led Zeppelin), and Stewart Copeland (Police). KJ, on lead guitar, is influenced by Iron Maiden, Mikael Akerfeld (Opeth), Alex Skolnik (Testament), early 80s thrash metal bands.


What cover music do you play if any at all and are there any specific reasons for that particular artist or song?

We have done some covers in the past but currently we don’t do them. We have enough original material to perform a lengthy show. Our influences can be heard in the music we play. We have no plans on doing covers but are open to doing them down the road. If we did do a cover it would most likely be an old Iron Maiden song.


Have you been able to record? Where?

We recorded several demos early on in Cedar Rapids. We recorded Battle of Eternity with local producer Jamie Strobach. We are currently recording our second album using our own equipment. We record the drums with Strobach at his studio and then bring those tracks back to our studio and lay everything else on top. It's working out really good for us. Producer Stu Marshall (Empires Of Eden, Paindivision, Death Dealer, Dungeon) is going to master the album when we're done recording.


Have you been on tour – where?

We have not toured yet. Our line-up is too new (current lineup is as of August 2015) but the band in its early years played several gigs in Iowa and in St Paul at Station 4. Recently, with the current lineup, we played Northern Wisconsin Metal Fest in September, and Sword Metal Fest in Savage last weekend. To sum it up, we do travel out of town but have not been on an actual tour yet. We are looking forward to the opportunity.


Where do you normally perform?

We play when and wherever we can. Usually in Minneapolis / St. Paul clubs and bars. We do travel out of state every once in a while to play a club or even a festival.


How do you plan to expand on the future of your band?

We’ve hired a PR guy who’s getting us out to radio stations and distribution labels. We’ve created a new website, and have done several interviews. We will be done recording our second album by Fall. When this album is done we will be doing a lot more advertising. We're shooing a video for Winds Of Fire this summer.


Do you have any goals other than to perform music?

The lyrics may reflect how Blake sees some of the madness we all have to fight in life but other than that we have no agenda other than to simply make great music and play live.


Do you have any preshow rituals or superstitions?

Sorry, we know you’re hoping for something out of the ordinary here, but we don't have any superstitions. As far as rituals, Blake gets his mind right the day before a gig by trying to do healthy things like eat right, sleep well and not party too hard. Lead guitarist KJ warms up for about an hour before a gig, and drummer Mike Durenberger warms up for 20 minutes or so.


What most memorable experience you have had as a band?

For Blake the most memorable moment was when Battle of Eternity was released. As for everyone else, the band in it’s current lineup is too new to have memorable moments other than when each was accepted into the group. We’re making the memories as the voyage continues.


Give us five or so fun facts about Eternal Voyager.

We all come from different backgrounds and influences. Drummer MikeD is a professional videographer working for a local TV station. He shoots and edits videos of our gigs. Guitarist KJ does much of our online presence. He developed our website and is proficient in graphic design and photography. Vocalist/keyboard Micah Devereaux is producing and engineering our next album. He also did the design and artwork for our first album Battle of Eternity. Jeff, the bass player, is involved with networking locally, especially relations with other bands. Brian Blake is the songwriter and lyricist. He also does most of the networking needed to get the band off the ground and moving in the right direction.